Zyrtec NYC Guerrilla Campaign

 - Apr 18, 2008
References: kidneynotes
A first glimpse at this post would leave you thinking you'd simply spotted a home-made missing pet ad, but this Zyrtec ad is actually a quite clever piece of guerrilla marketing.

The viral drug ads appear around New York City and are obviously meant to defame competitor brand Claritin.

The print reads:

"Missing: 2 hours. Last seen: while waiting for Claritin to start working. If found please call: 1-800-4-ZYRTEC."

As anyone with seasonal allergies knows, every minute you experience a runny nose, itchy eyes and ears and a scratchy throat is a minute where you can't do anything, or think anything other than how uncomfortable you are.

If people bother to look at this poster, it's a fantastic ad. However, I don't think it would grab most people's attention.