Zuriick is a Label Offering Simple Shoes with a Contemporary Twist

 - Jun 20, 2011
References: zuriick & karmaloop
Zuriick is a new label that any shoe enthusiast or person who even moderately follows fashion should watch out for. Specializing in men's and women's classic-contemporary footwear, Zuriick fits in with a host of emerging trends in men's fashion.

Zuriick shoes is a new label whose name is a play off of the brand's philosophy; to take classic styles and update them, play around with them, mismatch them, and make a new and interesting products. In Zuriick's newest line of products, it is pretty clear that the brand is following this mission statement pretty closely; the styles are familiar, but each pair is wonderfully updated. Begone run-of-the-mill canvas slip-ons and boring black leather oxfords, Zuriick shoes are actually exciting.

Presently expanding pretty heavily in both the United States and European markets, Zuriick is doing some bold things with footwear. Mixing normal design choices (leather upper-bodies) with interesting choices like cement soles (why haven't I heard of this before?), Zuriick shoes is pulling all the punches and creating awesome, classic shoes. Furthermore, Zuriick fits in with every aesthetic from the businessman in Boston to the punk in Manhattan to the starlet in Hollywood to the neo-goth in London to the fashion editor in Paris. Zurrick is creating waves in magazine editorials and on online fashion communities like Lookbook and Polyvore. The success of the brand lies in the practical styles matched with expert design choices.

Take, for example, the "Rueben" shoe pictured in "saddle" and a light blue color. The light blue color looks stunning because it is somewhat unexpected, but nonetheless, a great style. The shade of blue would look great with dress pants or with a dark wash denim, even linen short. The light blue is unique from other styles because it is clean and modern, but almost kitschy.
The same pair of Zuriick shoes comes in another style, too, the "saddle" pictured here, which is a take on the classic style made popular in the 1940s in America. The idea is classic, but the style looks fresh because it is made out of a canvas top, instead of the usual leather. It's a subtle design choice but it makes the shoes feel really unique. You really can't find designs like this coming from other companies right now; Zuriick's shoes almost look vintage, but are updated perfectly.

Another really great example of the aesthetic of the Zuriick brand is in the "Damien" boot seen here in a creamy "sand" color and in an awesome shiny black color they are calling "noir." First off, this kind of sleek ankle boot is pretty futuristic looking. It's a completely normal style, but something about the scarcity of seams on the leather and the placement of the eyelets up the vamp of the boot makes this an awesome style -- and something unique to Zuriick. Again, depending on the color choice, this style completely transforms. Somehow, though, the boot maintains a certain mood that is undeniably cool. A really awesome feature of this boot is the ability to turn it into a high-top shoe, instead of a boot. If you look closely at the area just above the ankle of the boot, there is a small cut-away on the leather near the laces. This is to make the boot easier to fold down, so the wearer can rock a collar on their shoes, creating a really great hiding place for laces they may wrap-around the width of the shoe. It's this type of versatility and attention to detail that makes Zuriick an important label to watch. Zuriick marries contemporary design with classic styles, and does so beautifully.

Zuriick shoes are available at Karmaloop, and more on Zuriick can be found on the company website.