From Fierce Feline Footwear to Cat Print Kicks

 - Oct 25, 2013
If you're a fan of both domestic and wild cats, then these fierce feline footwear designs are definitely items that you'll want to add to your collection.

There's something utterly fascinating and alluring about the feline species. Whether it's their often adorable furry appearance or wild animalistic behavior, both domestic and wild cats are often animals that people simply adore. It is that fierce attitude and dominant appearance that has caused felines to become sources of inspiration for fashion and footwear designs. These fierce feline shoes showcase all sorts of classic references to such feline breeds as cheetahs and leopards, with the occasional reference to the adorable Hello Kitty as well.

Perfect for cat lovers or simply anyone looking to add wildly fierce looks to their shoe collection, these feline footwear designs will definitely have people feeling more in touch with their animalistic side.