Yoonjin Zoonzin Lee’s Little Lost Project is Tragic

 - Feb 21, 2014
References: zoonzin & junk-culture
All the feelings Pixar made you have about not playing with your old toys, artist Yoonjin Zoonzin Lee will make you have for your disposable everyday items.

Called the Little Lost Project, Lee takes pictures of lighters, hair ties, paper clips, lip balm, gloves, metro passes and more, that have been left or thrown away by their owners. In addition he constructs little cardboard signs that they "hold up" and writes heartbreaking messages on them. Now that lighter you threw away like it was nothing is lamenting a life spent in the service of someone who never cared for them.

After flipping through the Little Lost Project, Yoonjin Zoonzin Lee will have you thinking twice the next time you go to throw away something like a paper clip. Good luck trying to throw anything away now without bursting into tears.