Zombie Ornaments Can Pass for Both Faux Candies or Back Scratchers

 - Nov 13, 2012
References: neatoshop
The bony, shriveled-up zombie ornaments are disturbingly realistic, but an excellent addition to undead Christmas theme parties -- people do that, right? Curled up as if it were twisting and writhing in pain, the zombie ornaments are set in a candy cane shape, showcasing the decomposing nails on the gruesome hands.

The beckoning hand will hauntingly call guests forward to examine the intricate details of the undead arm, which may or may not attack owners in their sleep like a possessed limb. If this spooky hand creeps out the children a little too much, the rotting candy cane can also serve as a very literal back-scratcher. Just be careful to let all family members and guests know that this twisted hand is not a candy in case they try to devour a one-of-a-kind flavored cane.