This Series by Bogusz Art is Intoxicatingly Alluring

 - Apr 9, 2014
References: facebook & livefastmag
These incredible designs by Zofia Bogusz art shows how skilled she is at using materials like oil paints, graphite and colored pencils. She uses these tools on hand-cut wood and her paintings evoke a mysterious feminine sense. The characters in her paintings appear to be spiritual, as if they were about to float off the canvas.

She plays with bright colors and softer shades of black and white, enhancing the seductive quality of her work. Zofia's work combines human, animal and landscape elements. She "strives to render the delicate and interdependent balance between mankind and the environment."

Zofia Bogusz art is powerful and vibrant eye candy that you'll have a hard time taking your eyes away from. Her stunning female characters and their animal counterparts offer an earthy, natural vibe, while the use of vibrant, neon color bring out a futuristic, abstract life to her paintings.