Montreal's Zero8 is Completely Free of the Eight Most Common Allergens

 - Jan 12, 2017
References: zero8 & thedailymeal
Zero8 is a Montreal restaurant devoted to providing food that its patrons can be confident in eating. For people with anaphylaxsis, dining out can be an anxious experience. Even when one keeps their EpiPen nearby at all times, having an allergic reaction is far from a pleasant experience. As such, Zero8 promises a restaurant environment that is certifiably free of the eight most common allergens.

Zero8 makes sure to verify with all its suppliers about the preparation process behind their ingredients. In this way, the restaurant can be confident in the allergy-free status of its food. The allergens banned from Zero8 are: gluten, milk products, eggs, fish and shellfish, soy, sesame, nuts, and peanuts.

Though eliminating these ingredients might seem like a restriction, Zero8 sees it as a creative challenge that enhances its menu.