Zero Gravity by Nikolay Tikhomirov Captures Women Defying Gravity

 - May 17, 2013
References: 500px & smashingpicture
Using sophisticated techniques and a beautiful concept, Zero Gravity by Nikolay Tikhomirov captures the innocent beauty of women appearing weightless and floating softly from the ground. The photography set features the ladies in scenes that have them caught by an updraft, floating whilst dreaming and even during moments of uneasiness.

Based in Russia and an expert of her craft, Tikhomirov's work seems to breathe an air of innocence across the set of highly stylized shots. Although Zero Gravity would never exist in nature, it offers a certain level of tranquility that's prevalent in each shot. What Tikhomirov has done is effectively conveyed a feeling, thought or emotion through the act of floating; in some cases it might be because of happiness, whereas others it acts as a loss of control in others.