The Zelda Fireplace Art is a Beautiful Substitution to an Open Flame

 - May 15, 2012
References: etsy & technabob
While the allure of the log-burning fireplace is immeasurable, the Zelda Fireplace Art ensures that even when the fire has died down, the hearth still garners the attention it deserves.

Though the Zelda Fireplace Art may not glow with the radiance and warmth of flickering embers, the 8-bit illustration is ideal for fireplaces that have been made inoperative over time and now only exist for aesthetic value.

The benefit of course is that no one has to worry whether or not the fire has been put out before going to bed. The fireball from the early Zelda games provides continuous aesthetic and nostalgic delight without the threat of burning down the house. Use a portable heater and cozy up next to this delightful piece of 8-bit artwork.