Cistercian Monks Get Universal Music Deal

 - Mar 23, 2008
Trend Hunter has published other musicians who had their big break via YouTube, myspace or other social networks; but now a YouTube video is to thank for Austrian Cistercian Monks getting a world-wide music album contract with Universal Music.

Universal has been looking for monks, men of the cloth and sacred singers for a global Georgian chant album. Gregorian chant dates back to the early Middle Ages and has gained a new audience through Enigma's success in the 1990s. Universal received hundreds of demos but it was a YouTube of the monks from the Heiligenkreuz Abbey, in the Wienerwald region of Austria that grabbed their attention.

Universal staff, who have yet to meet the monks, will travel to the monastery at the start of April to begin recording the album. The monastery's Father Karl said the album would feature between 10 and 12 singers with profits to be used in the training of Cistercian monks.