Artist yourPorcelainDoll Illustrates Darling Dotted Females

No one can harp on artist yourPorcelainDoll for being unoriginal. After all, as demonstrated by these beautiful portraits of females, she has her own distinct illustrative style that fuses a variety of techniques to create something truly original.

First off, yourPorcelainDoll, whose real name is Nadia, draws her images in a highly sketchy style and often opts to use pen strokes to define value rather than layers of smoothly blended paint. Her subjects are rendered realistically, though they’re comprised of lush colors that normally would not exist on actual human beings. And perhaps the most peculiar aspect of her work is that she renders many of her characters with large circles as cheeks.

My favourite aspect of the yourPorcelainDoll illustrations though is the fact that she signs each piece accompanied by a highly stylized apple.