Eustachi is a Secret Weapon to Combat your Clogged Ears

 - Mar 25, 2019
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Spring has sprung, and so has allergy season. which is why Eustachi is your secret weapon to combat your clogged ears, especially if you're flying with children.

Eustachi is a eustachian tube exerciser that clears any sore ear, whether it be changes in pressure, a sniffly nose, or suffering from seasonal allergies. With just a little bit of air, Eustachi provides instant relief for your clogged ears when yawning or pinching your nose while blowing just isn't cutting it.

Drug-free, safe and natural, Eustachi exercises the eustachian tubes as you swallow, and delivers air through the nose.

Foolproof, and an instant solution to your clogged ears, this travel companion is one you won't lose. Before you catch your next flight, head to Target, Walgreens or CVS for some preventative care.