‘You Only Live Once' Lamp Brightens Our Day With a Creepy Mood

 - Aug 12, 2009
References: mintpass & yankodesign
There is something considerably dark about the concept for Mint Light #5 ‘You Only Live Once Lamp.’ Maybe it’s the name, or the hangman’s noose design. Maybe it’s the fact that as you tighten the noose, the lights go out. 

On the bright side, when you loosen that noose, the lights come on again! The ‘You Only Live Once’ lamp may seem bleak, but the message is really rather enlightening. Mint Light #5 doesn’t want us to be afraid of the dark, it wants us to cherish the light.

We love a design that looks slick without glossing over the grit and the mire. So for dark moods and bright ideas, we suggest ‘You Only Live Once.’