The Star Wars Yoga Poses Provide a New Means of Getting Fit

These Star Wars yoga poses will surely make anyone laugh with its hilarious geeky concept.

Yoga has slowly integrated itself into the lives of many young professionals, but it's still considered a somewhat niche market by many standards. Matthew Latkiewicz created these Star Wars yoga poses to inject some humor into the practice and as a way to poke fun at the creator for the many faux pas he's put the sci-fi franchise through.

The Star Wars yoga poses feature ridiculous stances such as the 'Saber One,' 'Collapsed AT-AT,' 'X-Wing Extended,' and the 'Reclined Jabba' -- which is my favorite of all the yoga poses. There are many types of yoga that people can partake in, but most of them aren't enjoyable and don't cater to the needs of many geeks.