- Oct 16, 2007
References: equiyoga.net
Equiyoga is new breed of yoga created by... which involves using horses to perform certain stretches and poses. It's been proven to calm both the human and the horse.

A longtime equestrian lover, (she) has authored a book and is currently working on an instructional DVD.

"Equiyoga is best practiced with a focus on Vinyasa, which is the conscious use of breath," Equiyoga.net advises. "Be aware of your and the horse's breathing, concentrating on the rhythm of inhalations and exhalations during movement and stillness. Vinyasa helps achieve deep relaxation of mind, body, and spirit."

Horse lovers will feel even more connected to their beloved animals, giving them a sense of oneness with the horse. This is an exercise good for the heart, mind, body and soul of both the practitioner and the animal.