This Korean Dairy Company is Bringing Its Yellow Cafe Flagship to Seoul

The popular Korean dairy company 'Binggrae' is opening a new flagship store called the 'Yellow Cafe' in Seoul's Dongdaemun district. Known for its iconic banana-flavored milk, the new concept shop will serve as a tribute to the popular drink.

The Yellow Cafe will be located in the Dongdaemun branch of Hyundai Outlet Store and it will serve as the brand's first cafe-integrated store. To pay tribute to the popular drink, the shop will feature a sunny yellow interior and branded tableware. As far as the menu, the shop will sell a selection of food and drinks made with the brand's banana-flavored milk, including lattes, milkshakes, puddings, ice cream and tarts. Additionally, fans will be able to purchase accessories and souvenirs inspired by Binggrae's iconic drink.

The new concept shop demonstrates how food and beverage brands can use physical retail spaces to give consumers a new way to experience beloved products.