This Vibrantly Colored 3D Art Project Represents Music in a Physical Form

 - Aug 15, 2015
References: design-milk
Art collective Toki has created a vividly vibrant new instillation using architectural yarn art sculptures that seeks to have us questioning how we view ourselves in public spaces.

Based out of the Washigton, D.C. area, the group consists of recent architecture grads Toluwalase Rufai and Khai Grubbs, who began utilizing brightly colored strands of yarn to create their ongoing art project titled 'The Synth Series.'

Meant to represent the physical form of music and sound, the different colors flow through the empty space and blend together as one to form a unique and all-encompassing presence. The artists also invited the public to watch and experience their yarn art project be assembled, which typically takes an estimated two to three days to fully come together.