The Yale iPad Initiative Throws Heavy Textbooks Out the Window

 - Sep 11, 2011
References: yaledailynews & gizmodo
The Yale iPad initiative addresses the Ivy league school's most glaring, yet avoidable problem: The current medical school curriculum costs Yale over $100,00 to print, organize and collate. So instead of a 4-foot-tall stack of reading materials, every med student will be supplied with an iPad.

A strong background in emerging technologies is no longer a nicety, but a necessity in the steadily changing world of medicine. The Yale iPad initiative comes to terms with that reality and hopes to not only reduce on paper waste, but provide its students with reading material in the most accessible, cost-effective way. As it stands, Apple's 64 GB, 3G iPad serves that very function.

To all graduating high school students: Redouble your efforts at school -- there could be an iPad in it for you!