XYZ Architecture Firm Builds a House Based on Furniture

XYZ Architecture has completed a house for an artist in the Netherlands. "As a translation of the furnishing featured in dining rooms around the world, the form is a conglomeration of two volumes: a one floor, rectilinear bar and a large, two-storey box," states DesignBoom.

From the outside the house looks quite minimalist, and is the ideal layout for the artist who is looking to relax and find space for painting. Since the house is located in a forested area, the owners will be able to find peace and quiet, and not worry about the distractions of city noise. While the place is distinct, the size is not overpowering, is the perfect balance between subtlety and prominence.

For those looking to build a place for relaxation, this house could be a good source of inspiration. Photo Credits: designboom,