The XO Stool by Casey Lin Gives Symbolic Hugs and Kisses

 - May 10, 2014
References: designby-cl &
Whether the XO Stool was inspired by the simple pen and paper game or by the hugs and kisses symbols, it is hard not to feel affection for its design. Modern and minimalist, the XO Stool is a practical seat that brings a bright pop of color to the home thanks to the availability of various hues including yellow, red, white and blue.

Designed by Casey Lin, an industrial designer based in Wellington, New Zealand, the XO Stool is quite basic. The frame makes up the 'X' while the seat surface is shaped as the 'O.' Made out of quality high strength stainless steel and wood, the XO Stool is more than additional seating in the home, it is piece of furniture people will want to display at all times.