The Xbox Smartglass Links Tablets and Phones to Your TV

 - Jun 22, 2012
References: youtube & fastcodesign
Given the rapid advancement of technology today, you wonder where and what the next big thing will be, but that future is closer than you think as Xbox Smartglass certainly delivers a weighty contribution.

The Smartglass is an app that uses cloud technology to link your Xbox, tablet, phone, or anything that runs on Windows 8, iOS and Android platforms. What this means it you can us your handheld devices as a touch-screen remote and navigate your Xbox dashboard. This technology can revolutionize the way you watch TV, play games or play music, as the proposed added functions to make your entertainment experience much more intuitive and integrative. Game makers have also expressed enthusiasm for the product as it allows them to imagine new avenues in terms of game design.

The Xbox Smartglass is an obvious, but revolutionary concept that has finally hit the shelves of reality.