Write More by Hakuhodo Helps Kids Learn to Pen Words with Sounds

 - May 15, 2015
References: issueplusdesign.jp & japantrends
Hakuhodo's Write More is a writing guide that makes use of visuals and sounds for the purposes of teaching kids to read and write.

Although there are many apps that use this same kind of approach, Write More has tactile components that involve more than pressing or touching a device's screen. This system works alongside an iPhone to generate sounds as they are correctly written on the designated lines on slips of paper. This novel approach is backed by research from the University of Tokyo that suggests that hearing the sound of your own writing instrument helps to develop penmanship more rapidly.

In addition to having applications for teaching kids to write in their mother tongue or a new language, this also could be a way to enhance the way kids learn shapes, numbers, or express their creativity in coloring books.