Scientists Have Created a "Second Skin" That Makes Skin More Youthful

 - May 10, 2016
References: statnews & bbc
Scientists at Harvard and MIT have created two ointments that, once applied, act as a "second skin" that helps erase the appearance of wrinkles. The gels dry on the user's face and turn into a flexible film.

The temporary film is "designed to mimic real skin" and forms a protective layer that locks in moisture and helps to promote elasticity. The ointments are made of silicon and give the skin a "matte finish."

With youth-enhancing moisturizers, ointments, sprays and makeups dominating the market, this second skin may completely change the game. It has the potential to be used for those who suffer from acne scarring, people who work in front of the camera, or for every day use. It could one day have a variety of additional uses, including protecting the skin from the sun and being used to deliver medicine through the skin.