The Wren v5 Wireless Speakers Blend Quality Sound and Craftsmanship

 - Dec 5, 2014
References: wrensound & engadget
The Wren v5 is a wireless speaker from Wren Sound that blends high-quality audio engineering with aesthetically pleasing craftsmanship.

The v5 comes in three versions -- one for iDevices, one for Android and one for all Bluetooth-compatible devices. Once plugged in, the Wren V5 can easily be paired with your smartphone or tablet, removing the need for extra cables that clutter your home and make it difficult to enjoy the speaker in more than one room.

Incredibly for a speaker this compact, the sound quality is quite astounding. The bass, mid-range and high frequencies are all well represented and easily distinguishable, which is refreshing given the number of speakers that produce unbalanced sound that veers too far in favor of bass frequencies.

These speakers don't merely mark you out as a discerning audiophile, they also make it clear that you're a person of fine taste. The speakers are crafted from real wood, and you can choose between rosewood or natural bamboo finishes. Who said speakers need to look ghetto to sound great?

Ultimately, this is a speaker set that ticks all the boxes. Top-notch sound quality, compatibility with numerous devices, compactness, ease of use and a classy, luxurious look that is the icing on the cake. It's difficult to believe that these speakers cost only $399; I'd recommend grabbing these from Wren Sound's website before they realize their grave error and raise the price in line with the overall quality of the speakers.