World's Loudest Alarm Clock is like an Espresso for Your Ears

 - Jan 30, 2010
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I’m sure everyone can relate to the fact that even an insanely loud alarm clock is never quite loud enough. If you had a few too many cocktails Thursday night and have to get up for a meeting Friday morning you know you’re going to a device that can launch you out of bed, and I think I’ve found it--the World’s Loudest Alarm Clock. Or as I like to call it, the portable heart attack machine.

After hearing the World’s Loudest Alarm Clock you may jump for the baseball bat for fear that someone is breaking into your house, but I assure you, it’s just the alarm. It will definitely get you into the shower in time even if it does happen to take a few years off of your life.

Maybe the World’s Loudest Alarm Clock would best be used in hospitals to wake people from their comas.