Find Your Way Through Joe Wos’s World’s Largest Maze

 - Sep 22, 2012
References: youtube & online.wsj
It’s time to find out who received the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest hand-drawn maze -- almost.

Pittsburg cartoonist Joe Wos, hit a wall when trying to obtain the glorious spot of world record. When Wos, who loves to draw mazes as a "way of relaxing" turned 40, he applied to the internationally recognized record keeper for the prestigious position, but certain requirements stand in his way.

For one, the artist must have witnesses to watch him through the drawing process and his intricate labyrinth must be at least 107 square feet. Neither of these two problems are difficult for Wos, as the puzzle is now sitting at 35 feet long and four feet high.

However, the final task deems extremely challenging: solving it. The major requirement for the world’s largest maze record is to prove that the puzzle is solvable, but Wos hasn’t had any willing challengers so far. Illustrated completely freehand and filled with pancakes, trains and animals, the maze took approximately 100 hours to complete and Wos estimate it will take around 40 hours to solve.