The World's Fastest Bumper Car Can Hit Up to 107 Mph

 - Apr 1, 2017
References: carbuzz
Inventor and YouTuber Colin Furze has just built the world's fastest bumper car. Bumper cars are known for being slow and safe to drive, but Furze's creation can hit up to 107 mph. Powering it is a 600cc motor from a Honda motorcycle. The world's fastest bumper car was created at the request of the BBC, which had the Stig set a Guinness World Record in it.

The mysterious professional driver recorded an average speed of 100 mph in this bonkers bumper car. The Stig is of course a character on "Top Gear," the BBC's prized motoring TV show. A new season of the show is underway, hence the promotional effort with Furze. So far the stunt seems to be a success, at least if Internet reaction is any indicator.