World Nanobot Foot Ball Cup 2008

 - May 23, 2008
The RoboCup Soccer Competition is a sporting event held every year, but this year they'll be adding a new category called the nano robots. These robots are smaller than a grain of salt but have the dexterity of their bigger brothers.

The competition will take place at the RoboCup Open in Pittsburgh, PA. Each nanobot will be competing in three events, the 2-Millimeter Dash, the Slalom Drill and the Ball-Handling Drill.

The nanobots are controlled remotely and use magnetic fields or electrical impulses sent across the floor of the arena to power themselves. Pretty soon we shall see these nano sized wonders scurrying up and down our bodies fighting diseases like cancerous cells.

The bot “dribbling” a ball in the video below belongs to team IRIS from the University of Zurich.