MINI Unveiled Its Paceman GoalCooper for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

 - Apr 5, 2014
References: freshnessmag
The MINI design team put its creative mind to the test with its World Cup inspired vehicles.

Featuring the blue, green, and yellow that represent Brazil's flag, the MINI Paceman GoalCooper comes through ahead of the 2014 World Cup for any fans looking to sharpen their skills, with a convertible trunk that turns into a soccer net. The vehicle consists of AstroTurf floor mats in Brasileiro Green and LED interior floodlights that replicate an actual soccer field. You can comfortably seat four fans, with the luxury of live Internet streaming to watch any game on the go, through smartphones or tablets. There is even a mini Foosball table located on the Center Rail to pass time during halftime or any breaks.

The MINI Paceman GoalCooper brings the World Cup to you, embodying all the beautiful features of the world's most beautiful game, right in the comfort of your own vehicle.