The FanChants App Logs Thousands of International Team & Fan Chants

 - Jun 11, 2014
References: fanchants & walyou
The World Cup commences this week and with games overlapping and occurring simultaneously, fans will be placing a huge dependency on World Cup apps to keep them in the know. Many of the soccer tournament apps provide stats and play-by-plays, but this particular app serves a more niche purpose.

The FanChants app is essentially a free archive of over 20,000 football chants. To provide knowledge or simple listening pleasure, it plays chants that originate from fan bases and the team players themselves. It will also display the lyrics in your preferred language so that you can actually know what all those crazy European fans are yelling about -- be it rude or boring.

Other features include the ability to record and submit your own chants and turn any of them into your ringtone.