Workplace Drug Abuse Costs Companies Over $100 Billion Annually

 - Nov 8, 2012
References: complianceandsafety
Companies lose over $100 billion a year in the form of sick days and inefficiency due to substance abuse, which is why it's starting to implement policies to fight workplace drug abuse.

Statistics revealed in the Drug Abuse in the Workplace Infographic show which industries are at risk of employees who are addicted to some form of drugs. Having been exposed to workplace drug abuse destroys one's career as well as the employer's finances. The graph also reveals the amount of money spent hiring new employees to replace the ones who have been let go. While it may seem like an infringement of personal rights or privacy, the enormous numbers to support the lack of professionalism and integrity among substance abusers make it hard to blame companies for implementing a screening policy to ensure the sobriety of their workers.