This Eco-Friendly Workout Machine is Completely Self-Powered

 - Sep 24, 2015
References: woodway & uncrate
The 'EcoMill Treadmill' is an electricity-free workout machine that runs on human power. While many people prefer to exercise indoors, treadmills can use up a significant amount of electricity. This device provides an eco-friendly way to workout at home.

The EcoMill Treadmill is a revolutionary workout machine that does not require any electricity to operate. The device works through the use of an onboard generator that converts human movement into energy. All a user has to do is begin walking on the curved surface and the machine will begin moving. The device only requires a minimal amount of movement to operate, meaning a user can choose to run or simply walk at a leisurely pace.

The electricity-free treadmill is perfect for environmentally conscious consumers who prefer their home gym to running outdoors.