The 'Work Smarter Not Harder' Infograph Helps Readers Save Time

Full of amazingly helpful finds and some encouraging stats, the 'Work Smarter Not Harder' infograph is a great read for anyone with a 9 to 5 job.

Whether you feel you're on top of things or feel yourself falling behind, this graph has a tidbit for everyone. Detailing common issues of frustration and the perils of time management, the graph teaches workers how to break down and better manage their time at work and the ways in which they approach their jobs. Suggesting great hints such as working in 20 minute spurts with breaks of activity, or using egg timers to keep track of task time, the graph is a quick and dirty way to improve your understanding of productivity.

This chart is extremely relevant to nearly anyone with a job. Though not everyone will necessarily use all of the tips on the infograph, it's great to know that there are solutions to some of the most damaging professional problems.