The Temptations Work it Kitty Ads are Humorous and Informative

 - Aug 17, 2013
References: temptationstreats & adsoftheworld
The 'Work it Kitty' ads by Temptations cat treats are a hilarious way to showcase that their treats are low calorie, and that your cats will love them.

This campaign features a cat, that has an athletic band around their head. The cat is also in a gym setting and is working out on some type of equipment. It makes it seem as though, in order to keep up a healthy lifestyle, these felines need to hit the gym.

Although these Temptations ads are humorous, they do raise the point of making sure that your cats stay active, and eat properly. The Work it Kitty campaign is a fantastic way to show that their treats are low calorie, but also to remind owners that they need to take care of the furry companions as well.