This Activity Lets You Make Humorous Photo Props for Your Friends

 - May 9, 2013
References: crewandlu
In this technological age, it's all about taking the cutest and wackiest pictures of you and your friends to post online, and these comical DIY word bubbles are the perfect props to make your photos go viral.

Word bubbles are often associated with cartoon shows, where they show up to emphasize a loud noise or possibly what a character is thinking. That is why adding humorous word bubbles to your photographs, with quirky and unusual phrases, is a fantastic way to add some personality to your photos. All you need is a few cardboard posters, chalkboard paint, tape and some wooden sticks. Simply cut out your desired bubble shape, coat it with chalkboard paint and attach the wooden stick behind it. Once dried, use chalk to write any humorous word or phrase you like.

Featured on the blog 'Crew & LU,' this DIY activity is a creative way to add some fun while taking pictures with your friends.