This Wooden Mobile Home Features a Birch-Veneer Plywood Interior

 - Oct 15, 2015
References: dwell & curbed
Believe it or not but this wooden trailer home was a first-time build for a young and ambitious couple.

Brian and Joni Buzarde built this wooden trailer -- measuring in at 236 square feet -- as a portable home they could take with them wherever they go. Nicknamed 'Woody," this angular mobile home was built on a budget of approximately $50,000 dollars and was actually Brian’s first project upon graduating from architecture school. The mobile home sits on a 26 foot long flatbed trailer, and was built to be slightly taller on one end for a contemporary and eye-pleasing look that is still legal on the highway without a special permit.

The interior is decked out in modern looking birch-veneer plywood and features a loft bed, storage compartments, refrigerator, a galvanized-steel cow trough bathtub and a large sliding glass door that opens up to the world.