Onsen Design Creates Eco-Friendly Wooden Sink Designs

 - Jan 6, 2016
References: onsen.net.au
Forget what you know about traditional wooden sink designs and check out these eco-friendly timber bathroom basins by Onsen Design from Sydney, Australia.

With a modern design approach, Onsen Design's green-powered workshop is equipped with high-tech gadgetry and skilled engineers. There's aerospace-grade computer automated machining next to 3D printing, which seamlessly carries over into vintage hand planers and an assortment of joinery tooling. The designers glide from pencil and paper to a CAD workstation and over to the timber yard full of reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood to create both custom sink designs and a range of stocked bathroom basins.

Each eco-friendly basin takes over 32 hours to produce, so there's certainly no shortcuts or rush jobs here. It's modern bespoke design with a vintage soul.

Once the crafting is complete, each basin is then "encapsulated" with eco-safe coatings that will not leach into our bodies, or the environment. Even the packaging materials are recycled and the power used by the workshop and office are 100% green.

Put simply, these basins are works of art.