This Wooden Chair by Pasi Savunen Has Been Clad with a Sense of Occasion

 - Feb 1, 2012
Fitting for a desk or dining table, this wooden chair by Pasi Savunen may be more formal in appearance than one might expect. The absence of armrests gives it a much more casual character, as do its slender front legs, but its materiality and sculptural qualities elevate it to express a certain elegance.

Plywood and rich solid lumber with its gorgeous woodgrain pattern have been bound together and stained with a dark dye to manufacture sumptuous style. In one model of the wooden chair by Pasi Savunen, the backrest has been extended with the smooth cladding of the magnificent material to cover the gap between the two rear supports. The same sort of continuous veneer gently unites the seat with the backrest, indicating great care in craftsmanship that matches the grace of any elaborately carved dining chair.