These Sleek Wooden Cards are Made Using Discarded Doors

 - Sep 18, 2015
References: dexigner & designtaxi
Dutch creative company The Brave New Now crafted these wooden cards for Ven Amsterdam, which opt out of the traditional use of paper business cards. The cards were specifically designed for the brand's new business and entertainment complex.

The wooden cards are actually made from pieces of doors that had been discarded within the old-fashioned building. During the creation of the new complex many materials from the building were torn apart, never to be used again. However, the creativity of The Brave New Now decided to upcycle pieces of the building and re-purpose them into wooden business cards. Each card was sliced, sanded, given a bright pink border and engraved with brand's name and a brief story about the card itself.

These non-traditional cards bring a sense of creativity and modern aesthetic while maintaining the historical and eco-friendly values. Each card embodies the brand's philosophy in a sleek new style.