The 'Logmatic' Wedge Axe Firewood Splitters Chop Without an Axe

 - May 9, 2016
References: logmaticusa & dudeiwantthat
Those who are a bit hesitant to pick up an axe and start chopping will find 'Logmatic' Wedge Axe Firewood Splitters to be the ideal way to chop timber for a fire.

Using an axe used to be the quickest way to chop wood, but the 'Logmatic' works quickly to help be a safer and less strenuous means of cutting up logs.

The 'Logmatic' works by incorporating a wedge on the one end and a handle on the other. From here, users simply slide the handle up and force it downward to create force that will get into the grain with ease.

The 'Logmatic' Wedge Axe Firewood Splitters are safer to utilize than axes and will even help to prevent users from throwing out their backs swinging an axe.