The Jang Woo-seok 'Eco Toilet' Uses Environmentally Friendly Flushes

 - Apr 2, 2012
References: yankodesign & keetsa
"Don't leave the water running!" is a term often heard by children, seethed by parents who worry about the monthly hydro bill, however, the Jang Woo-seok 'Eco Toilet' should help lessen the worry.

This toilet has a built-in sink that sits above it and recycles the used water from the sink into a tank that can be emptied later for toilet-flushing purposes. The toilet also uses fresh water for when the recycled water tank is not full enough for use. Patrons of the toilet can look out for an LED light that signifies that the recycled sink water tank is full and then can use the recycled water to flush instead of having to waste fresh water. The Jang Woo-seok Eco Toilet is a great way to keep green measures alive -- even in the washroom.