From Chromatic Cave Lavatories to See-Through Restrooms

 - Nov 7, 2013
While washrooms are often considered to be visually unattractive, these contemporary lavatories are here to showcase that modern design and some creative structural techniques can turn restrooms into artistically unique spaces.

Since washrooms are places where people engage in hygienic activities, some would consider these spaces to be quite unappealing and sometimes unsanitary. And while most people wouldn't want to spend more time than is necessary in the restroom, these contemporary lavatories are showcasing how modern day architects are revamping the way ordinary bathrooms are built. Infusing sleek minimalist touches, transparent features and even abstract architectural designs, these contemporary washrooms will definitely make you feel like you've stepped into a sophisticated structure.

From tentacled public restrooms to posh outdoor potties, these contemporary lavatories will surely make freshening up in the washroom something to look forward to.