The Trilet 2.0 Restroom Collects Detritus for Sustainable Reuse

 - Dec 10, 2011
References: & ecofriend
Members of civilized society are quite happy to have the contents of the toilet bowl flushed into oblivion and never seen again, but unfortunately even the disposal of waste is itself a wasteful practice. The Trilet 2.0 Restroom functions to amass the ordure of its donors with the ultimate intention of having it put to practical use.

Inspired by Grahame Caine's ecological heuristic, Nathan Petty and Sheena A. Garcia of Npsag have come up with a waterless public washroom concept that incorporates a removable receptacle beneath the toilets. The Trilet 2.0 Restroom's reusable insert catches excrement which would be routinely taken away to be composted locally, only to reappear in the form of cheap natural fertilizer within the year.