Including The Wonderbra Umbrella

 - Jan 7, 2008
References: cherryflava
Wonder how the umbrella stays up? It doesn't take much imagination to figure out! This Wonderbra advertisements touts the magnificence of the cleavage-enhancing underwear the company is known for. Clever!

Might one call this an umbreastlla?

Sure, it's not raining in the photo, but that's not the point. This is like those girls that can carry a beer between her boobs; she's the envy of a lot of other women!

I wonder how the men would feel about the umbrella bra. On the one hand, she must have a smashing décolletage. On the other hand, she's got an extra hand free to carry more shopping... which means more damage to the bank account!

The campaign was created by Julien Hablainville and published in December 2007.

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