The W-Mask Aids the Efficiency and the Health of Police Officers

 - Dec 12, 2012
References: jurmol
For those cops stuck with the duty of directing traffic, the W-Mask would be a smart accessory to pull on. Jurmol Yao's concept is a hi-tech piece of wearable equipment designed to cover the nose and mouth of its wearer.

The benefit of this device is that it acts as an air filter amidst the exhausted carbon dioxide of passing vehicles. The W-Mask's purification process helps to protect the officer's lungs from poisons and buildup and makes it possible for asthmatic employees to work more comfortably in urban areas outdoors.

But more than that, the W-Mask integrates an electric whistle into its design. This enables the cop to get the attention of drivers and pedestrians with little exertion and without the awkwardness of using a high-pitched pipe with a mouth cover on.