Emilien Jaury's 'Witt' Collection is Designed for Precise Mixing

 - Jan 22, 2018
References: dezeen
Cocktail mixing has been elevated to the status of art, and the 'Witt' collection from designer Emilien Jaury aims to present so-called mixology as something almost magical. The set looks like something from the laboratory of a secretive alchemist, combining the clinical, scientific appearance of pure glass with the mystique of strange shapes and forms.

There are several different pieces in the 'Witt' collection, including a measuring tool, a glass, a straw, a smoker, a gradient, and a mixing tool. Each of the tools in the collection is designed to fit with the glass itself, making it easy for people to mix their drinks directly in the glass.

The glass in the collection is also multifunctional. One end is deep to hold cocktails of all sizes. However, the obverse end is shallow, with just enough space for a few shots of liquor.