This Initiative Helps Those Without Access to Internet

 - Feb 26, 2016
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'Project Empathy' is a new initiative that aims to help those without access to Internet. Around the world, there are many classrooms with computers that lack Internet access. This project aims to address the lack of web access by sharing knowledge between schools.

Project Empathy is a knowledge-sharing initiative that provides schools with tech-oriented web kits. Each of these kits contains a Raspberry Pi, a 64 GB microSD card, several USB drives and a number of other components. These devices come pre-loaded with information from the web, such as Wikipedia articles and pages from prominent organizations such as NASA. While the kits do not provide full-blow Internet connections, they do offer one-way access to web pages so that classrooms without access to the Internet can still benefit from online content.

The initiative demonstrates how organizations can overcome technical barriers to make the Internet more accessible to classrooms all over the world.