This Wireless Bed Fan Will Make Sleeping More Comfortable

 - Aug 14, 2013
References: amazon & inewidea
Trying to sleep when you are hot is nearly impossible, and this Wireless Bed Fan may be the tool needed in order to have a sound sleep.

Sleeping in the summer is difficult, using blankets makes you too hot and if you share space with someone the bed may as well be a sauna. Conventional fans blow air onto your face, but they don't solve the problem of keeping your entire body cool. This bed fan is designed to work with your sleeping arrangements by blowing air under your covers. This allows your entire body to stay cool. It is also wireless, so it can accommodate most styles of bed. Also, there is a remote control which enables you to adjust the temperature without having to get up. This Wireless Bed Fan will help make sleeping in the summer comfortable, and you won't have to wake up covered in sweat.