Google's Winter Wonderlab is a Pop-Up Shop Filled with Tech Products

This holiday season, Google is bringing toys to tech-lovers all over America with its 'Winter Wonderlab' pop-up stores. Most of the stores will be popping up in major US states like Los Angeles, New York and Washington and have just recently opened on November 16th.

In addition to being able to play around with the latest Google gadgets like the Chromebook and the new Nexus 7, Google's Winter Wonderlabs will include large igloos where customers can go inside and create slow motion videos of themselves amidst fake falling snow. Google notes that "sometimes what the hectic holidays need is some slow-mo," which is a clever way to share the message about slowing down and spending time with friends and family at Christmas time. The Wonderlabs will no doubt be a hotspot this year to do some holiday shopping.