This 1.88MM Wide Windmill Can Recharge Your Smartphone Battery

 - Jan 22, 2014
References: youtube & gizmag
Professor J.C. Chiao and post doctorate engineer and researcher Dr. Smitha Rao have revolutionized the way we look at traditional windmills by constructing tiny 1.88 mm in diameter windmill-powered nickel alloys, that are so small that 10 of these minuscule structures can all be mounted on a single grain of rice.

Taking on the idea of Japanese origami concepts and traditional semiconducting devices, the micro windmills were inspired by the growing importance of harnessing and using sustainable energy sources while providing an alternative and more environmentally friendly way to power and recharge smartphone batteries. Despite its tiny size, it is pretty durable as well and "the micro-windmills can endure strong winds, owing to being constructed of a tough nickel alloy (rather than the silicon and silicon oxide layers typical of MEMS designs) and smart aerodynamic design," says Rao on the tough nature of the tiny design.